Flight Attendant Turned Inventor

With the provisional patent filed in January 2006, it was time to create the product.

Niche Biz: Bouncin’ Bus

With 15 years of gymnastics experience, both as a participant and coach, Karas looked for a way that she could develop a business that helped her use her talents.


The Six Year Old Candy Entrperneur

She is now celebrating the launch of her third shop called ‘Mollie’s’ in the Welsh market town of Welshpool.


Well-Known Inventions By Young Inventors: Earmuffs

A teenager into ice skating isn’t very unusual, and it doesn’t necessarily mark that teen out for future financial success.


Niche Biz: Play Cafe’s

Play cafes are places where parents can bring their kids, hang out, usually have a good cup of coffee, and not worry about others looking in askance while a child bangs a toy on the floor or makes loud “vroom-vroom” sounds.


Niche Biz: Chickenpox-Infected Lolipops

It seems that these days, even the most absurd kind of business ideas can flourish.


How Build-a-Bear Invented A Bear Market

Early in my career, Stanley Goodman, who was then CEO of May, said something that has stuck with me: “Retailing is entertainment, and when customers have fun, they spend more money.” I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I knew it would involve children, because kids know how to enjoy themselves.


Kidworth: Teaching Kids Business

A Los Angeles-based company called Kidworth is focused on doing just that—exposing young people to the business world by introducing them to how the startup game is played in the hope of creating young entrepreneurs with the basic skills to turn their creativity into a business.


Mail That Caters To Kids With A Side Of Education

Sher-Lee's kids were intrigued by the idea of receiving mail but, unfortunately, they almost never received any. Inspired by their interest, Sherri-Lee formulated a business that would deliver postcards to those kids who loved to receive mail.

How A 9 Year Old’s Business Went Viral

He started off catering to the shop’s visitors.