Biggest Fears For Entrepreneurs

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Today while the dream of so many people is to become their own boss, create a great product, or simply open up their very own business of some sort and run their own company, so many of those dreamers are tied down by fear today, especially because of the economic situation we’re in.


You Should Choose An Internal Successor

You have a vision for the company.


Acting Like A Leader

The power of improv comes from the instant feedback that the games provide.


Boosting Your Leadership Confidence

I rarely encounter this issue in my work with CEOs and potential CEOs because people at the top of huge organizations don’t often have self-confidence problems.


Mistakes Managers Make

Making controversial announcements without doing groundwork first.


Leading Your Business in 2009

This exercise gives you an understanding of how you are focusing your attention on your four life domains today.


Is It Our Business

photo credit: Tracy O

What a difference a few days can make to the trajectory of a transition.


Crash course in leadership

Some say this feels like “the ground opening up beneath them.” All certainties disappear and you have to master a whole new set of skills.


Manage Your Temper in Work and Out

The problem isn’t our anger; it’s our attempt to justify it rather than release it.


What Smart Leaders are Doing

photo credit: Wesley Fryer

Right now, the visionaries among us are engaged in a dual strategy.

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