How She Made a Business Out of Letter Writing

When Julie Bell printed thousands of her own-design Christmas cards off for sale in Paris almost 10 years ago, but failed to offload a single one, she learned a valuable business lesson.


Long Lost Postcard: Letters to the Future

Earlier this month, Scott McMurry, a Vienna, Virginia man finally received a postcard from his mother.


CapJaxMathFax Bizop

Hi Dane, I have a math education software program I license to schools and sell to homeschoolers.


Make The Most Of Your Holiday Newsletter

photo credit: kevindooley

SmallBizTrendsBe consistent: Whether you’re opting for a monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly newsletter, make sure you stick to a consistent publishing date so that people know when they’re coming.


Making Money in Second Life?

I stumbled upon your webapge for business ops, looks like a great blog!


Update from YourCityGuide: Our First Bizop

Hi Dane,

My name is John Stewart and I am the sole designer and programmer of www.yourcityguide.net.

Snail Mail Still Alive

A recent study by International Communications Research, commissioned by Pitney Bowes, found that consumers still prefer receiving promotional information and private communications the traditional way: delivered by the mailman.

Entrepreneur Thinks Inside The Box

Pat Dutched had been a bookkeeper more than 25 years when she got a bright idea.

Email Credited With Public Mailbox Deaths

Email is being credited with the murder of the sidewalk mailbox, joining cell phones in a plot to destroy public communication hubs.

Message from the SBA’s Office of Advocacy

Knowing of your interest in small business and entrepreneurship, I thought you might be interested in the resources available from the Office of Advocacy of the U.S.