Don’t Follow Your Passions

Imagine you’ve agreed to give advice to a group of business students but you can’t think of a theme.


Showing People You Care More Than Once A Year

We would like people to think of DailyLoveNotes.com, as the goto site for love!


21st Century Love Notes

Green says he got the idea for the site when, as a college student short on cash, he started it as an inexpensive gift for his girlfriend at the time.


Why Are Weddings So Expensive?

If you want to blame someone for how much weddings cost in our society, the paperwork points to Marshall Field & Company.

99-Year-Old Woman Gets iPad

The woman loves books, but glaucoma makes it difficult for her to read.


Laid-Off Workers Get Entrepreneurial For Valentine’s Day

In case you missed Iamsaintnick.com, the fun Christmas gift referral service started by two laid-off Seattle techies – they’re back with a Valentine’s version launching today.