Anti-Paparazzi Bag

If I were a popular Hollywood celebrity, chances are the paparazzi would be staking out my house and jotting down notes on what I had for lunch.


Score Press Coverage

Aaron Patzer, founder of Mint.com: Hire an expert.If you’re sure that what you’re doing is useful, reporters whose job it is to serve that audience will agree.

Turn News Events Into Publicity

Absent new company developments, the key for any company is to secure frequent, meaningful media mentions and buzz, by finding natural ways to make the company part of an already existing news cycle or trend.


New York Times Bans The Word “Tweet”

There are tweet partisans: The Associated Press gave tweet its blessing in the most recent edition of its style guide, and the American Dialect Society listed tweet as its “word of the year” for 2009 (though that label is less an honorific than a reflection of widespread use).


Make Press Releases Available Online

Ideally this press area will be on your website and offer a simple link from the homepage as well as a logical URL, i.e., www.yourcompanyname.com/press.


HBO Launches Series On Young Entrepreneurs

How To Make It In America, which aired Feb.


CBS Benches Jack Benny

Rather than allow the club with the Benny family’s enthusiastic blessing to digitally preserve some unreleased public domain Benny show masters that CBS has in its possession, the network is giving a thumbs down to the idea — thus sealing these shows’ fate so they will never be seen again.


Conan O’Brien Hits A Nerve With America’s Job Insecurity

Anyone who has ever been laid off, been fired or had their talent underappreciated in an annual review knows what the redhead with the nickname Coco is going through.


Elementary My Dear Watson….It’s Called The Public Domain

Yes, he has always been a widely loved fictional character but there are a great many characters with fan bases.

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