The Bloodless Scalpel

Unlike current electrosurgical tools, the wand uses a paper clip-like tip coated with a special alloy that creates a magnetic field.


Family Finds Niche Selling Scrubs

Creating a thriving business in this sour economy is a tall order, but one local man has combined technology and ambition into a business plan that is showing promise after only a matter of months.


A Lice Removal Business Opportunity

Larada Sciences is a science-based medical technology company dedicated to the safe elimination of human head lice infestations.


Concierge Medicine

Texas doctor Raymond Solis who recently converted his 21-year-old traditional medical practice of 3,000 patients to a concierge-based practice serving just 400 patients.

New Ideas in the Medical Field?

I am looking for good and new ideas in the medical field to introduce into Europe.


Entrepreneur Creates New Recipe For Oxygen

When an elementary school pupil collapsed with low blood oxygen levels in Orangeburg, S.C.


Temporary Inflatable Cast

The Multiprotector from Kinoshita Kogyo is a simple cast that can stabilize an injured area with the use of a single straw.


An eBay of Medical Care

Can you buy health care the way you buy goods and services on eBay?

Health Care Taps ‘Mystery Shoppers’

When James Loden, an ophthalmologist, recently peered into a patient’s eyes, he was evaluating her for laser surgery to correct her vision.