The 8 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made

The following is a guest post by Brian Hamilton, CEO of Sageworks, Inc.

Start-up Slip-ups

Jason Fried, co-founder of noted web developer 37signals and author of Rework, made a pretty good case for ignoring people at work.


Biggest Mistakes Owners Make When Selling Their Company

John Warrillow, the author of Built To Sell: Turn Your Business Into One You Can Sell, knows about selling businesses: He has started and exited four companies.


What Were You Thinking Marketing Moments

Bullying people in a waiting room for testimonials needed for a Website –self-explanatory.


Mistakes In Your Copy To Stay Away From

Copy Blogger: Content is king, but if the king looks like a toad, no one will know he’s royalty.


11 Mistakes That Will Bring Your Company Down

photo credit: jared

In today’s economy we are all trying to strive for more; more profit, more customers, more everything.


Don’t Waste Your Time Away In A Networking Group

Success in a networking group comes when the rest of the group members trust you enough to open up their best referrals to you.


Deal Killing Mistakes

You rely on referral sources.