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An Internet Sensation And Making Money, Too

And this isn’t just a hobby.

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Episodic Deal May Monetize YouTube

Google hasn’t officially announced the deal, but the San Francisco-based startup was so “thrilled” to join the Google family that its cofounders shared the news in a blog post on Friday.


How To Make Money On The iPad

That means that programmers, merchants, designers, and just about anybody with an existing business is probably asking themselves, Is there a way my business can make money on the iPad?


Virtual Goods Give Web Firms New Revenue

Often available for a $1 or less, virtual goods range from video game accessories like extra weapons for shooting games, to electronic birthday cards and flowers for friends on Facebook or dating sites like Zoosk and flirtomatic.com.


Biz Rumor: Twitter Is Profitable

The Google deal and Microsoft deal, both announced in October, make Twitter members’ content available to Google’s search engine and to Microsoft’s Bing.


Game Developers Make More Than $1,000 A Month

About 16 percent of those surveyed make more than $1,000 a month (the survey included 1,104 developers and publishers).


80% of US Consumers Won’t Pay For Online Content

Those users who would consider paying for content are mostly interested in subscriptions.


New Ways To Use PayPal

PayPal held its first developer conference in San Francisco to officially open its platform to software developers wanting to include payments in their Web or cellphone applications.


Charging Just A Little Can Be Smarter Than Charging Nothing At All

The strategy of giving everything away often creates as many hassles as it solves.


Consumers Say “No” to Paid News Content

Times are tough in the publishing world.

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