The Golden Rule

I recently came across an article locate on USA Today  that talked about the Golden Rule, the one that says ” treat others as you would want to be treated”.


Keep Your Employees Motivated

As one boss says, when people are focused on surviving, they forget that the end goal is thriving.

Making Customer Experiences Memorable

It is often the little details that customers recall even more than the product they purchased or the service they received.


Retaining Your Customers

Meylah.com: We all love to get new customers…it’s not only great for business, it’s great for future business.


Play Games With Your Employees

Nick Friedman had an idea.


Email Manners

photo credit: Mzelle Biscotte

MakingTheMogul.com: “It is always a vital aspect of business to be respectful and appropriate even when sending out mass emails to your contacts.”

When in business there are several times throughout our work week that we have to send out mass business email’s for various reasons, but some of us don’t realize there is such a thing as email manners.


Use Of Exit Surveys To Improve Customer Retention

Try to keep the survey short and sweet – around 3 to 6 questions would be ideal.


Should You Apologize In Business?

Conflict is inevitable – destructive conflict is not.


Break Up All The Silence

Finally, don’t lose confidence in employees who seem to be holding back lately.