A Netflix for Movie Theaters

MoviePass brings the convenience of Netflix to your local movie theaters: After paying a monthly fee, you can see as many movies in the theater as you want.


Are You Ready to Taste Your Movies?

If your idea of edgy cinema snacking is mixing sweet and salty popcorn in the same carton, look away now.


$50 Per Month, For All the Movies You Can Watch, In a Theater

MoviePass is a new in-beta service that lets movie buffs watch as many movies in theaters as they want for $50 a month.


Hot Tub Cinema

For those residing in inland locations, however, the UK-based Hot Tub Cinema could encourage city dwellers to grab their swimwear before heading to a viewing… The service presents films al fresco – having used the rooftop of East London young professionals’ community Netil360 for its most recent showings – allowing attendees to enjoy the view as well as the billed movie.


Luxury Movie Theater Business

Why not create a cinema experience for the well-to-do?


The 5 Best Cameras for Entrepreneurs

There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when he realizes that the camera on his iPhone is not enough.


A Restaurant That Only Serves Movies

What if I told you that there was a restaurant in Los Angeles, California that no longer serves eggs, bacon and toast to the likes of you and me, and now only serves big and small name Hollywood actors?


The Flash Drive For Movies

He’s just launched a company, FlixChip Corp., that aims to put movies on a flash-drive-like device that plugs directly into tablets, phones, laptops and other mobile products so consumers can play films wherever they go.


Bike-In Movie Theaters

New Belgium Brewing, a craft beer brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado, hosts a bi-weekly Bike-in-Cinema on the front lawn of their sprawling headquarters.


Niche Biz: Horror Movie Boogeymen

With this ‘nonstandard’ approach to the movie-going experience in mind, the management of a theater in the northwestern Russian city of Syktyvkar, the capital of the Republic of Komi, aim to double down on the scariest moments of horror films.

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