Powerful Rules For Negotiation

I’ve never taken a negotiation course; not the ones they advertise in magazines, and not one in business school either.


How To Shrink Your Debt

You can request your credit file be updated to reflect that the debt was settled in full once a settlement is achieved.


Negotiating With Your Creditors

The process of creditors and lenders reporting information on an ongoing monthly basis to the credit reporting agencies is purely voluntary.


Reviewing contracts

● Be innovative.

Employees Favor Minimum-Wage Hike

Most workers that are paid an hourly wage support a proposed increase in the federal minimum wage, even if it results in higher consumer prices and job cuts, a recent survey found.

The Entrepreneur’s “Secret”

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few months, you’ve likely heard about the best-selling book, “The Secret,” and how it offers guidance and personal narratives about creating the life you want.


The New Paparazzi

Don’t forget the camera on your next vacation.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

After successfully closing a sale, it is only natural to ask for referrals.


Business-Coaching Startup A Tough Proposition

While more and more businesses are turning to business coaches, they generally go with people they know or with whom they are acquainted because these are the people they know they can trust.


This Is Not Your Father’s Garage Sale

This year Americans will again set up garage sales and their close cousins, stoop sales, yard sales and tag sales.