Credit Crunch Looms Large For Small Biz

The credit crunch driven by the U.S.

10 Smart And Lazy Ways To Save Your Workday

If you leave the office most nights feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and behind on everything you’ve got to get done at work—even though you just spent 10 hours there—you’re letting your workday get away from you.

New Law Will Help Small-Biz Owners

President Bush signed into law an expansion of small-business help for veterans and reservists.

Government Help For Small-Business Owners (No Joke)

For years, a good way to guarantee a laugh was to walk into a room of small business owners and announce, “I’m from the government and I am here to help you.”

Entrepreneurs were more used to dealing with red tape, endless delays in getting an answer to a question and federal employees who were frequently less than helpful.

Failure Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

Successful entrepreneurs invariably say that they have learned as much from their failures as their successes.

Small Bizs On Surviving A Recession

Mario Bruni, who runs a plumbing and heating business in White Plains, New York, is bracing for a slowdown in the coming year.


I’m in Opportunity World Magazine

Hello readers from Opportunity World.

Yes, I’m Wearing Pants

Freelancers have a certain reputation — one that I am perhaps not the best candidate to bust.

Rhonda’s Rules: Set Goals

You can’t reach a goal you’ve never set.” That’s one of Rhonda’s Rules.


Small-Business Owners ‘Sleepworking’

It’s been said the American Dream is for dreamers.