When Patents Fail

He lost, the judge saying the Mercedes signal was different enough, but even the judge had to admit his lawyers were lousy.


More Wacky Patents

Toe Puppets Next show after my pedicure.


There’s No Such Thing As A Provisional Patent

Technically, there is no such thing as a “provisional patent.”


Summer’s Most Important Invention: Air Conditioning

On July 17, 1902 in the midst of a steamy summer, Dr.

Why Do Patents Cause More Harm Than Good?

Nearly all of the economic evidence shows that patents tend to do more harm than good.


Video: The First Software Patent

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard about the controversy around software patents, but you probably don’t know the story of Martin Goetz, who got the very first software patent in 1968.


Amazon To Ship Products Before You Even Buy Them

Amazon has patented “anticipatory package shipping,” a system that ships products before customers have actually bought them — based on what it predicts they will buy, according to NPR.


Even The Snowman Has Been Patented

In the patent application Ignacio Marc Asperas from Melville, New York included a warning: “The following is not a joke patent.


Ridiculous Patents

Jock Gear
Headgear combined with binoculars, a headset, and a fan.


Just Give It Away

The catch: DiForte says he will hand over patents, including pending and provisional ones, on 22 products to “legitimate” companies only if they agree to make the products and create jobs.

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