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KoiPondFever Helps Keep Ponds Running

KoiPondFever.com is an online pond supply store specializing in koi pond supplies and koi food.

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Biz Op: The Disney Effect on Pets

In 1961, after Disney released the film “101 Dalmatians”, and again in 1996 when they released a new live-action version of the film, there was a massive increase in the demand for the dogs.


A Slow Growing Eco-Lawn

It’s hard to imagine anything more innocuous than a lush suburban lawn.


Dogs Tag Lets Them Trigger Tweets

The new Mattel novelty is aimed at the pet-loving social network crowd, said spokeswoman Rachel Cooper.


People Pay Farmers to Let Their Dogs Herd Sheep

ANN DORNFELD: On this chilly Saturday, half a dozen city-dwellers are lined up with their dogs along a muddy field.


Pet Lovers Can Make Money Too

Just like any parent, when you get pet parents together they are going to chat about what they love most, their pets!


Niche Biz: Emergency Pet Transport

After helping a friend who had run over a dog, Brady began to wonder what she would have done if the animal had survived and needed emergency care.


Niche Biz: Daily Supplements for Dogs

With STNPCO you are truly a “direct sales”


The Dogbrella: No More Wet Dogs

This inverted bumbershoot forms a waterproof cocoon around a small dog, enabling canine and master to maintain a walking regimen in inclement weather.


Niche Biz: Pet Insurance

In America, 65 percent of households have dogs or cats, yet only 1 percent of those pets have pet insurance.

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