Inventor’s Journal: Bill Phelps

Join Rich Whittle as he talks with inventor Bill Phelps about his game creation, Yamodo.


Top 50 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Do you have any suggestions for entrepreneurial/startup podcasts I should listen to while traveling over the long Thanksgiving weekend?


Inside Kevin Smith’s Booming Podcast Biz

The only thing that overshadowed the dreadful reviews for his action comedy Cop Out was his much-headlined booting from a flight for being too fat.


Inventor’s Journal: Boon, Inc.

In this edition of Inventors Journal we’re talking to Rebecca Finell, the founder and President of Boon.


Turn Your Phone Into A Radio Studio

Microphone positioning.


Struggling Entrepreneur Podcast: European Bistro

In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we examine how a Restaurant entrepreneur with a niche target market of European cuisine has discovered and implemented some unique items and incentives to deliver superior customer service and a rich customer experience–and this, at the same time while maintaining the quality of the food to an extremely high standard of authenticity and taste (which is verified by critical and demanding customers from the original ethnic homelands of Europe).


Biz Resource: PodShifter

Ever subscribed to a podcast where the presenter talked really slow?

Biz Resource: Howjsay

If you produce a podcast or do a lot of public speaking, you might want to check out howjsay, an online pronunciation dictionary.


Overclock Your Ears

Did you know that if you have 60 minutes of audio material to listen to, you can very easily digest the material in 30 minutes or less?

Whiz Kids: America’s Next Business Tycoons

17-year-old Jake Fisher and Weina Scott, who met via an online message board, started their business in June 2005.