Rent-A-Crowd Entrepreneurs

Want to ensure a bigger draw for your lackluster candidate?


Obama Hates the Entrepreneur

Two studies suggest the “head winds”



After brothers Al and Bob Pelton of Salt Lake City ate potato-based doughnuts in Germany, they tried a number of things, from wheat dough that was flavored with potato water to using mashed potatoes, before creating a dry potato mix that not only worked for them but made it possible to franchise the concept.


Ditching Politics For Entrepreneurship

Not surprisingly, the staffers-turned-entrepreneurs are launching technology-heavy ventures, betting they can convert campaign techniques—such as raising $500 million online and registering millions of voters—into success in their own organizations.


Anti-Obama Entrepreneur Kicked Out of Mall

Friday afternoon, Fuchs was handed a lease termination notice by mall officials and signed by Mall General Manager Tembra Aldridge.


Obama Bizop: Toys

Posable, with facial expressions, interchangeable hands, katanas, 9mm gun, assault rifle, and a lightsaber, among many other complements.


‘Joe the Plumber’ Strikes Net Gold

After the third and final presidential debate, “Joe the Plumber” might be the most popular man in America.

Profiting From Political Schwag

Roving political-schwag seller Cameron Koepke expects a floor fight between John McCain and Mike Huckabee at the Republican convention, and he’s been predicting a dead heat between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for quite some time.

Bush-Bashing Entrepreneur’s Clock Ticking

For three years, a Bush-hating Vermont pipe carver has built a million-dollar business around the digits “01.20.09.”

On Jan.