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Google’s Free Pac-Man Logo Costs Bizs $120+ Million

We took a random subset of our users (about 11,000 people spending about 3 million seconds on Google that day) The average user spent 36 seconds MORE on Google.com on Friday.

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Finding Profit From Investing in Workers

Those are among the findings of a six-year international study led by Jody Heymann, who is founding director of the Institute for Health and Social Policy at McGill University.


Say Thank You More

A survey by the International Association of Administrative Professionals and OfficeTeam found that, while managers ranked promotions and cash bonuses as the two most effective ways of recognizing employee accomplishments, workers said they actually preferred an in-person thank-you or having a job well done reported to senior management.


How Entrepreneurs Benefit from Collaboration

Having a great idea is only 1% of what it takes to launch your startup,” says Wayne Pope, managing director of the online collaboration tool Glasscubes.


YourAM: Free Biz Appointment Manager

When you are adding a new appointment, YourAM will automatically resolve time slots for availability.


TimeSheet Automatically Tracks Your Time

TimeSheet can be useful for just about anyone looking to see specifics on how they’re spending their time.


Use Dry-Erase Marker For Reminders

I write my to-do list on my mirror.


Small Bizs Can Benefit From iPad

Small business owners who are so inclined to purchase an iPad, will undoubtedly find clever uses for it to enhance worker productivity, reports PC magazine.


Make Procrastination Productive

Procrastination is a huge productivity problem with no obvious solution: everybody does it, and no matter how smart and efficient you work, you’re always going to do it in some capacity too.


Naps Make You Smarter

It all happens in the hippocampus, which is a part of our brain which temporarily stores “fact-based memories.” “It’s as though the email inbox in your hippocampus is full and, until you sleep and clear out those fact emails, you’re not going to receive any more mail.

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