Etrogs: Growing $150 Fruit

On the first day gather gather fruit from majestic trees – palm fronds, boughs from leafy trees, and willows that grow by the streams.


Entrepreneurs More Likely to Pray

34% of entrepreneurs say they frequently look up to the Lord, compared with 27% of non-entrepreneurs.


A New Twist On Islamic Head Scarves

Atik has taken the Muslim head scarf, often known as hijab, and turned it into a canvas for her fashion sensibilities, with ideas inspired by designs from Forever 21 and H&M as well as haute couture runways and the pages of Vogue and Elle.


Niche Biz: Selling to the Godless

Religiosity has declined in the U.S.


Making Money from the “Biblical End Times”

Todd Strandberg, the proprietor of RaptureReady.com — the most popular Rapture-preparedness website in the world—is part of a new generation of entrepreneurs trying to take advantage of Camping’s absence.


400th Anniversary of the King James Bible

Four hundred years ago, on May 2, 1611 the Church of England published the King James Bible.


iPhone Church App for Churches Of Any Size

We’re excited to announce our newest service exclusively to broadcasters on SermonAudio — the iPhone Church App!


The Family Biz: Goats, Soap, Hard Work and God

If you live in America, you’ve more than likely heard of “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” Less likely is the chance that you’ve heard of “Jim & P.J.


Inventor Strives For Germ-Free Worship

Doug Henricksen of rural New Richmond is close to ramping up production on his newest invention — a germ-free dispenser for communion wafers.

Community Churches Get Digital

Want to attend a mass without the discomfort of leaving your home (or computer)?

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