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Turn Your Childhood Hobbies into A Retirement Business

The moment Robbie Crawford touched a calligraphy pen to paper, she fell in love with the beautiful form of handwritten expression.

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Older Entrepreneurs Finding New Life In Startups

Over the past decade, the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity belongs to the 55 to 64 age group, according to a study by the Kauffman Foundation, a Kansas City, Mo.-based entrepreneurship institute.


A Retirement Homes for Chickens

And the increasingly intimate relationships have led some bird owners to make plans for their chickens’ unproductive years.


Use Tax Time To Evaluate Your Retirement Fund

For small business owners, that assessment may also mean investigating whether the plan you have still fits your business needs.


Small Biz Employees Wanna Retire, Too

The Harris Poll of 501 small business owners indicates only 11 percent say they are likely to add an employee sponsored 401(k) plan within the next two years, 69 percent say they won’t because their business is too small, and more than half say it would be too expensive.


Entrepreneurship In Retirement

Mature entrepreneurs differ from their younger counterparts in several critical ways.


Planning For Retirement As An Entrepreneur

There comes a time when a growing company’s operational and market critical mass should produce sustained profitability.


Not Yet Retired?

If you have no employees other than your spouse or a partner, you can establish an “owner-only” 401(k), also known as an individual 401(k).


Small Business Retirement

The 401(k)

401(k)s not only offer higher contribution limits than most other plan options, but also offer more choices in design to manage business costs and program saving goals.


Entrepreneurial Retiree’s

The future is always bright for entrepreneurs.

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