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The Manhole Cover Picker-Upper

Dave Roberts, 51, who spent 25 years lifting them while working for waste-water authorities in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, decided to find a better way.

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Inventor Creates Multistory Building Escape Device

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S.


The Big Escape

The invention is a high-rise escape device that may soon be put into production.


How to Make Money From Distracted Driving

Software entrepreneur Matthew Howard started ZoomSafer after a texting-related mishap caused him to knock a 9-year-old boy off his bike.


Niche Biz: Shark Repellent

The tiny box on the Velcro strap is called the Electronic Shark Defense System or ESDS.


From Milk Comes Road Lines

“The highway centerline has been called the single most important traffic safety device in the history of automobile transportation, and Edward Hines originated it right here in Michigan, ”State Transportation Director Kirk T.


Putting A Stop To Car Theft

Mbetsa’s invention uses voice, DTMC and SMS text messages over a wireless service to carry codes and messages to control a vehicle’s electrical systems.


The Key To Sobriety

About three years ago, Edwards was driving through Merritt Island on the way to his Rockledge home, when he was pulled over by a Brevard County Sheriff’s deputy.


Cool Invention: Robot Lifeguard

Mulligan got the idea after creating a small robotic boat for his last company to help the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration monitor marine mammals.


Snake Safety Training

Bob Zumstein has been lecturing on timber rattlesnakes for years and recently had been invited to talk to two Marcellus Shale companies about where workers might encounter these venomous suckers and what they should do if they spot one.

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