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Year-End Survival Tips For Entrepreneurs


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Cool Deal: Free Open House

Sam’s Club is hosting an open house beginning Friday, August 6 through Sunday, August 8 for members and guests alike to take advantage of savings from everyday needs for home and work, and throughout key back-to-school departments including electronics.


Right And Wrong Way To Hire People

The wrong way first: interview someone for an hour.


Learn To Travel Cheaper

Make lodging reservations directly with the branch you’re staying at.  Use web sites to identify places to stay, but before reserving a room, call the hotel directly before using the online reservation system and don’t hesitate to ask for a reduced rate while on the phone. 
Think about using the buddy system where there are co-workers who will going to the same location as you.


Preserving Cash For Your Business

If you’re running a small business today and aren’t thinking about how to tighten your belt, you are surely in rarefied company.


Website Helps Ease The Cost Of Shopping

The idea behind the website is to help fellow Americans save the maximum possible on their shopping everyday in the current depressing economic situation.


Dibspace Hopes To Cash In On Bartering

How does a tight-on-money musician make plans to treat herself to a luxurious massage, accounting help and a marketing consultant?


Twitter Makes Dell $1 Million In Revenue

Everyone loves talking about Twitter’s business model — because there isn’t one yet, and they’ll keep talking about it until there is one.


Ways for Your Small Biz to Save Money

With the economy struggling, every business is trying to cut costs to make ends meet.

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