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Cardholders Swiping Debit Cards More

Among the 11 percent of consumers who claim they have an increased ability to put funds into savings, 46 percent have decreased the use of their credit cards, and 51 percent have decreased their spending on discretionary goods, such as entertainment, travel, luxury items and cars.

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Americans Still Trimming Daily Expenses

Almost two out of every three persons surveyed indicated that they had bought, or considered buying, generics in the past six months.


Cutting Your Tech Bills Down

Another no-brainer: Turn everything off.


Saving On Your Small Business Website

Pay less for your domain name – While you definitely need to have a distinctive domain name and brand, you don’t need to pay top dollar for the privilege.


Coupon Entrepreneur Racks Up Huge Discounts

Coupon queen Susan Samtur racked up another supermarket victory at Sendik’s Food Market: $135.69 worth of groceries for $15.98, including sales tax of $3.15 on the original total.


The Use Of Old Computers

The fact is that older computers cannot perform as fast as new computers, hence you are missing out on the changes your business needs to make to keep up and THRIVE in our changing, global world.


Money Saving Tips

Shoeboxed does the grunt work so its users can efficiently manage their expenses and safely claim the deductions that they have been missing all of these years, automatically saving them time and money.


Americans Are Saving More Money

All it took was a financial crisis followed by a recession to get Americans to start pocketing their cash.

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