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11 Year Old Invents Pencil Ruler

An eleven year old named Nathan had a problem.

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Making Money from Truancy

Zak Kukoff, 16, and Jonathan Yan, 18, classmates, started TruantToday after Mr.


School Uniforms That Alert Parents of Truancy

In Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil, 20,000 grade school students have recently started wearing uniforms embedded with GPS chips similar to those used in pet trackers.


Entrepreneur Makes A Business Out Of School Lunch

Around 2004, he contacted Jerry’s Subs & Pizza, a Gaithersburg-based chain of restaurants, and eventually bought four stores grossing around $2 million a year total.


Advertising on School Buses

In an effort to close widening budget deficits, states throughout the country are slashing funding to education, leaving school districts looking for ways to beef up revenue, and some have gone as far as to sell ad space on school busses.


A University Degree for the Price of Cable TV

The for-profit’s new venture New Charter University — sidesteps the loan system by setting tuition so cheap that most students shouldn’t need to borrow.


Niche Biz: Online Education Outsourcing

WeTakeYourClass.com is a site dedicated to helping students with online classes.


Entrepreneur Keeps Teachers from Taking Away Students Cellphones

School bans on cell phones are dialing dollars for one savvy entrepreneur.

School Warns Recent Grad Over Notes Selling Business

The site, NoteUtopia.com, which was launched in August, is intended to function as an online community, a place to network, discuss courses and rate professors.


Rethinking School Photos

Kelsey and Dennis Kleiman of Brooklyn, N.Y., were underwhelmed by their daughter’s school pictures.

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