Entrepreneur Keeps Teachers from Taking Away Students Cellphones

School bans on cell phones are dialing dollars for one savvy entrepreneur.

School Warns Recent Grad Over Notes Selling Business

The site, NoteUtopia.com, which was launched in August, is intended to function as an online community, a place to network, discuss courses and rate professors.


Niche Biz: Free Textbooks

Ask Ariel Diaz why he’s taking on the college textbook industry and he’ll tell you, “Quaternions.” Quaternions are a number system used for calculating three-dimensional motion, popular in computer graphics.


Paying People to Drop Out of College

One of the wealthiest, best-educated American entrepreneurs, Peter Thiel, isn’t convinced college is worth the cost.


Groupon Style Cash for Classrooms

Laurie Coffroth looked at the sorry state of funding for public education and saw a business opportunity.


School Lunch Goes Wholesome

“Over some barbecue, we discussed our shared passion for healthy foods and childhood nutrition,” Gotlib said.


No Cellphones Allowed? No Problem.

“It’s better than trying to sneak your phone in,” said Tatyana James, a freshman at Herbert H.


Should High Schools Sell Ad Space On Lockers?

Just what that will look like is on display at the north suburban Centennial school administration building: four lockers wrapped in a bubblegum pink ad for the Mall of America’s “Underwater Adventures” aquarium.


Students Flock To Entrepreneurship Courses

“When we’d make presentations to students on management, we would get inquiries into whether we had courses on entrepreneurialism,” said Donald Gibson, professor of management and chairman of the management department at the university’s business school.

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