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Mouth Spray that Instantly Intoxicates

Scientists have created a mouth spray that can instantaneously intoxicate a person for a few seconds without the harmful effects of alcohol.

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Today in Entrepreneurial History: June 12

Donald Jeffry Herbert (“Mr.


No More Cavities?

The typical human mouth contains a writhing orgy of bacteria.


No More Blood Banks: Growing Red Blood Cells

Taiga Biotechnologies may wipe out blood banks as we know them.


Coming Soon: Talking Trees

To figure out how to listen to trees, the French scientists drew on their knowledge of how trees take in water—essentially by drinking from a really long “straw.” Inside tree trunks are bundles of specialized tubes called xylem, which rely on the attractive forces between water molecules as well as those between water and plant cells to lift liquid to the highest leaves and branches.


Scientific Cooking Bizops

Milk, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, transglutaminase, sodium citrate…


Test Tube Burger Coming Soon?

Using cow stem cells grown in a petri dish, the researchers have created small strips of muscle that will be mixed with blood and artificially grown fat to make a hamburger, the BBC writes.


The Science of Christmas Trees

Christmas tree geneticist John Frampton rubs the sprigs of a two-inch seedling, planted two years ago from the seed of a fir cone from the Uludag Mountain region in western Turkey.

Teenager On Forbes 30 Under 30 List

A 17-year-old inventor from Texas, Javier Fernández-Han, the son of immigrants from China and Mexico, was named one of “Forbes’ 30 under 30″ this year, for his inventive use of algae to digest sewage and capture methane for use as fuel.


I-Corps Turning Academics Into Entrepreneurs

The National Science Foundation screened applicants for this Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program and awarded each research team $50,000.

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