Ritzy Guard Dogs

Don’t call her a guard dog.


Lowe’s Home Improvement Launches “Iris” Smart Home

Lowe’s Home Improvement recently launched Iris, a cloud-based “smart home” system for mobile device owners who want to monitor their homes’ security.


Security: Invest In Your Staff

“The best return is on your employees,” said Black Hat founder Jeff Moss.


Protect Your Biz From Cyber Attacks

You may think that cybersecurity is only important for major companies, but think again.


How to Disappear Completely

In a world where we share more information online than ever before, it might seem impossible to disappear completely.


College Dropout Bets Security Company on Automation

Vivint™, one of the nation’s largest home automation companies, today announced new products and services that include automatic door locks, video surveillance and lighting and small appliance control.


Feds Warn Small Bizs About Online Banking

A rising swarm of cyber-robberies targeting small firms, local governments, school districts, churches and non-profits has prompted an extraordinary warning.


Solar Panel Security Bizop

The KQED report interviewed a Santa Rosa, Calif.-based startup called Gridlock Solar Security, which is a little over a year old and sells a $1,000 alarm system solar security device.

The Secret-Knock Office Door Lock

DIY’er Steve Hoefer used a piezo speaker, a tiny gear reduction motor, an Arduino, and a PVC pipe to make his secret-knock door lock.


US Small Bizs Lack Cybersecurity Awareness

The study, co-sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance and Symantec, as part of this year’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, surveyed nearly 1,500 small business owners across the United States about their cybersecurity awareness policies and practices.

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