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Men Shop Online, Even While in Stores

Women may be shopping commandos, but men are catching up to them.

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While You Shop Car Detailing

Wow, for once I can actually provide professional input..

Niche: Special Needs Shopping Carts

Caroline’s Cart, which she began designing at her dining room table several years ago, is now gaining fans around the world and piquing the interest of retailers.


Grocery Shopping Delivery Services

Chasity Shelby and her husband, Carden, were looking to start a home-based business.


How Do Your Customers Prefer To Shop?

Online purchasing was rated the “Overall favorite” by 59 percent of those surveyed, as well as the “Easiest” (68%) and “Most convenient” (68%).


A Clothes Line That Wraps Around The World

World Clothes Line is an apparel company with a philanthropic mission: to clothe the world.


Niche: Dirty Shopping Cart Handles

A new study has found that 72% of shopping carts handles have fecal matter on them.


Virtual Shopping in Real World Places

In South Korea, a supermarket chain is experimenting with a new system that let’s commuters shop from subway stations with the cellphones.


Little Impact From Social Media On Sales

The report, a collaboration between Forrester Research and GSI Commerce, analyzed data captured from online retailers between November 12 and December 20, 2010.


Buyer Beware

We have a difficult time controlling our shopping behavior,” says Alexander Chernev, associate professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill.

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