Niche Biz: Connecting Soldiers With Civilian Jobs

With many soldiers leaving service with technical and computer skills, New York-based Incline is offering training in order to help them adapt that talent to the workplace.


Turning Service Into A Career: Innova Dynamics

For Alex Mittal, inspiration hit while doing the heavy lifting portion of giving back, building a water system in Honduras on an Engineers without Boarders trip in 2005.


How To Succeed In Social Entrepreneurship

Planning for success mimics the requirements for success in any new venture: a plan, customer focus, and execution.


More Entrepreneurs Who Turned Service Into A Career: Better World Books

Volunteering at a local community center didn’t originally seem like a path for economic success for Notre Dame alumni Xavier Helgesen and Christopher “Kreese” Fuchs.


Entrepreneurs Who Turned Service Into A Career: Revolution Foods

Kristin Groos Richmond and Kirsten Saenz Tobey both had plenty of experience in business and nonprofits prior to founding Revolution Foods in 2005.

Bottled Water That Funds Clean Water Projects

If every American spent $10 per year on his Humankind Water — less than they spend on Halloween candy — it would be enough to nearly eradicate the world’s water sanitation problems, Foltz says.


Making Service Your Career: TOMS Shoes

At this point, TOMS Shoes isn’t just a do-gooder company – they’re a brand with an incredibly strong identity tied to social good.

The Need For Social Entrepreneurs

The bracing happy talk at social investment conferences and cheerleading predictions about social investment capital poised to flood into the developing world begs for a reality check.


Social Entrepreneurs Changing The World With Startups

There is no clear-cut definition, but most social entrepreneurs would agree that their overarching goal is to use business and business process to drive social or environmental impact.