Inventor’s Greatest Creation: The Flak Jacket

In 1978, Byron Donzis walked into a Houston hospital looking for Dan Pastorini, the Houston Oilers’ prized quarterback who was laid up with three broken ribs from a recent game.


Tin Cup: Golf Ball Stencils

A golfer simply traces a chosen logo or design onto the ball with a fine-point Sharpie pen.


Joy In Mudville

Jim Bintliff supplies special mud for Major League Baseball.

Baseball for the Blind: Beep Baseball

A team is composed of a minimum of six blind or visually impaired players and two to four sighted people: a pitcher, a catcher, and two defensive spotters.


Hologram Bracelets Are Wristy Biz

Power Balance declined to give sales figures, but EFX said it has sold more than 2 million products.


Orange Whip Offers A Better Golf Swing

Whether in the office of his Easley production facility or stepping up to the tee at a local driving range, Hackenberg exudes passion for his product, which he calls “the Holy Grail of learning an athletic motion.”

More than 80,000 other golfers around the world have agreed since Hackenberg introduced the Orange Whip in January 2008.


Making A Business Out of Sports Banter

Yet that’s just what it’s become for Paula Ward, a self-appointed “sports interpreter” who’s swapped a career in human resources to launch Know The Game, a business dedicated to educating people about Australian sports.


Building A Better Golf Ball

The Alternative Golf Association launched the $10,000 Longest Golf Ball Challenge to inspire inventors and engineers to add fun for players of its new game, testing under the name Project Flogton (“not golf,” backward).


Niche Biz: Wake Surfing

CNNMoney reports Inland Surfer founder Jeff Page started his business 10 years ago after friends introduced him to lake surfing behind boats.