Steve Jobs Was a Tweaker, Not an Inventor

In the eulogies that followed Jobs’s death, last month, he was repeatedly referred to as a large-scale visionary and inventor.


Video: Steve Jobs “Secrets of Life”

Bizopy: “Life can be much broader, much better, once you recognize one simple fact: life as you call it, was made up by people no smarter than you.” Watch this (likely never seen before) video here.


Russian Steve Jobs Memorial Wants Your Ideas

Through a competition to be hosted by a private St.


Steve Jobs FBI File

The person who emerges from the 191 pages of the file is not dissimilar to the Jobs already depicted by the media after his death in October.


Steve Jobs Becomes Action Figure

Just a few months after the death of Steve Jobs, a company called In Icons is apparently planning an action figure of the former Apple (AAPL) CEO.

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc, died yesterday.