How To Sell A $1 Snow Globe For $59

The founders of the website Significantobjects.com, a site devoted to quantifying the bottom-line power of story at a product level, say, “Stories are such a powerful driver…that their effect on any given [product's] subjective value can be measured objectively.” The website is home to an experiment that goes like this: the founders buy thrift store, garage sale, and flea market products, always cheap, no more than a couple dollars at most.


20 Marketing Lessons from Pixar

Pixar, makers of Toy Story, Cars and WALL-E, story artist Emma Coats has been tweeting a series of guidelines she’s learned at Pixar for creating compelling stories.


Human Library: Borrowing People And Listening To Their Story

In the Human Library you can rent people who have been through difficult times – and they will tell you all about it.

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