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Light Bulbs Make Us Better Thinkers

That’s the conclusion researchers at Tufts University came up with after putting students through a series of experiments under both a bare incandescent 25-watt light bulb and an overhead fluorescent light.

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Nature Versus Nurture In Entrepreneurship

According to the survey, 54% of respondents say they did not start their business until they were at least 30, contradicting the widespread claim that 25 is the peak age to start a business.


Business Owners Waiting For The Right Climate To Grow

Citibank’s latest small business survey, released Tuesday, found that 49% of small business owners are holding their own, but are poised to grow when the climate is right, while 28% of businesses reported they are already in growth mode.


The Makings Of An Entrepreneur

The scientists at the professional social networking company sifted through the more than 120 million member profiles to find those who identified themselves as a founder or co-founder of a company created in the United States after 2000.


Needing More Business In Education

“Given the many opportunities and rewards that entrepreneurship has to offer, it is only natural that business owners would recommend it as a career option and believe that schools should do more to encourage it,” reasoned CFIB’s vice-president of research, Doug Bruce.


Beware: Entrepreneurial Employees

Just under half believe they have the savings to support their business, 53% say they’ve got the marketing skills to get their business off the ground and almost 60% say they know how the launch a website (which puts them a fair way ahead of the pack, based on yesterday’s news that 65% of companies don’t have a site).


Majority Small Biz Support Health Care Reform Repeal

More than half (55 percent) of small-business owners support repeal of health care reform, according to a survey conducted in early January by Discover Small Business Watch.


Montana Tops In Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Montana ranks first in the states in entrepreneurship and innovation and 10th in overall growth, a new U.S.

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