Man’s New Best Friend

Welcome home, Chad,’’ says a voice coming from a wall speaker.


New Tech You’ll Spy in Emerging Small Businesses

The following is a guest post from Stephen Cline.


More Successful Women And Their Mobile Startups: Petra Vorsteher

Business development guru Petra Vorsteher co-founded mobile advertising startup Smaato.


Jetlev Flyer Water-Powered Jetpack

Offer access to the general public for admission fees and multi-use passes.

Inflatable Jacket Launched on Kickstarter

Klymit, the Utah company known for creating NobleTek™ argon gas insulation for outdoor gear and apparel, has launched a Kickstarter project as a potential funding source for the production of the Klymit Ulaar Jacket.


Nike Patents Auto-Lacing Sneakers

Who doesn’t remember Marty McFly’s power lace-up Nike kicks from the fictional year 2015?


More Successful Women And Their Mobile Startups: Sarah Allen

Early in her career, Sarah Allen co-founded the company that created Adobe After Effects.


More Successful Women And Their Mobile Startups: Prerna Gupta

Prerna Gupta co-founded Khush in 2009 to develop intelligent music apps and led her startup to profitability.

iPhone Widget Changes The Way We Take Self-Portraits

The concept for the eyeCLICK remote control device came to Wu after listening to an Apple keynote address, when the company announced the iPhone had become the most used camera in the world.


More Successful Women And Their Mobile Startups: Jennifer Lum

Mobile entrepreneur Jennifer Lum is co-founder of Adelphic Mobile, was a core team member of Quattro Wireless (acquired by Apple) and m-Qube (acquired by VeriSign) and is an angel investor in mobile startups including Crashlytics, OnSwipe and Kinvey.