The Keyboard Made Of Glass

Giddings is president and CEO of Giddings Product Development.


UK Techpreneurs Shouldn’t Fear Failure

Thirty technology experts, led by the ebullient Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and serial investor with stakes in the likes of Facebook and Zynga, are visiting Downing Street, London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’, and universities across the country to encourage the next wave of British dotcom entrepreneurs.


Universal Remote: There’s An App For That

A plan to make $2,000 each last year on the side by developing and selling software for a universal remote control app for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch has morphed instead into their company, iRule LLC, with serious funding, international sales and a revenue stream that already has it in the black.


MC Hammer Takes On Search Tech

MC Hammer, entertainer-turned-entrepreneur, demonstrated some of the capabilities of WIREDoo, which Hammer called both “Deep Search” and “Relationship Search,” at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on Wednesday.


The CEO Tech Trail Few Women Share

“I’m actually shocked that there aren’t more women CEOs,” Kurtzig said in a recent interview.


Creative Ways To Use The iPad In Business

“The iPads allow guests to control the flow and timing of their experience,” says Paul Motenko, co-founder of Stacked.

Electronic Bifocals Coming

If you’re reading these words through bifocals or progressive lenses, your life could change in June.


I’m Watching You!

Kalal’s Predator smart camera is programmed with a learning strategy that enables it to automatically detect its own tracking failures, and therefore get better and better at tracking its object of choice.


Gigantic Multitouch Displays

As an Lusens Business Partner (LBP) you will have access to all LUSENS’ products and technologies as well as to a myriad of services including custom software development, graphics and animations design, system customization and integration, installation, training, on-going technical support and others, which we will offer you at our special LBP price.


AprioriControl Puts The User In Virtual Control

AprioriControl is an internet robotics control company.

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