Niche Biz: Balloon Animals

Six years ago, she began to shape her fascination for making balloon sculptures into a venture she calls Amber’s Amazing Animal Creations.


Making Money from Truancy

Zak Kukoff, 16, and Jonathan Yan, 18, classmates, started TruantToday after Mr.


Niche Biz: Electronics Charging Kiosk

His winning idea is to put cellphone-charging kiosks at malls, airports, grocery stores and other sites where people are in a hurry.

Two Teens Jump Into The Outdoor Sports Industry

Dakota and Garret Porter have been spending every waking hour on their new business.


Doorbell Rings Your Phone

When rung by would-be burglars, the Smart Bell’s internal SIM card instantly connects with the owner’s mobile phone, allowing them to create the illusion of being at home and providing them with a little more peace of mind while out and about.


Eggsellent Venture

On a warm Wednesday morning, David Dantzler pulls out a couple of pages of meticulously written charts that detail just how many eggs his 36 chickens have produced.


Build-Your-Own Locket Design

“I wanted one, too, but my mom said I had to earn the money,” Weems said.


Young Sisters Sell Spa Products for Girls

“Well, it was kind of my idea,” says Halle, a sixth-grader.

High School Student Solving The Energy Problem

What possible use could Josh have for all that old oil?


Teen Entrepreneur Scares Up Biz

Deep down, I probably never actually thought it would happen,” Renda said, but “the ultimate goal is to make it a career.”

Although always interested in the macabre and things that go bump in the night, Renda presented his parents with reams of research and a business plan for his haunted house idea when he was 14.