Geofencing: Using Texting to Attract Customers

The smartphone has become the bane of the retail industry, as savvy customers use physical stores to comparison-shop before going online on their phones to buy the same goods at a cheaper price, a practice known as showrooming.


Text Messaging and Marketing Have Grown Up

Although, texting (also called text messaging or SMS) was originally thought of as another avenue for teen communication, it has caught on with adults as well and is now a reputable part of the business world.


Affiliate Program: TextAlert4U

I offer an affiliate program for SMS Text Message Marketing.


Twitter Hits 50 Million Tweets Per Day

As reported two weeks ago, Twitter saw more than 1.2 billion tweets in January, or around 39 million tweets per day.


Why Twitter Will Endure

I can remember when I first thought seriously about Twitter.

5th Grader Types 119 WPM!

Mackenzie can type 119 wpm.


Service Puts Teen Messages On Hold

Parents supply their child with a phone subscribed to the service.


31 Twitter Apps Your Biz Should Explore

Twitter applications are tools that help you efficiently get the most out of your Twitter activity.


Mining The Twitter Goldmine

Why do so many Twitterers seem to be aspiring stand-up comics?

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