The Startup Check List To Receiving Government Contracts

The 36-step Start Up Checklist app was designed to help individuals create a business and take advantage of the $80 Billion a year the United States government spends on small businesses.


Petrol Pal: Gas and Oil Mixing Made Easy

In my garage, I have at least five different one-gallon gas cans with different ratios of motor oil and gas for all of the different power tools I own.


Nine Types of Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are supposed to be outgoing, risk-taking workaholics.


How to Find Someone’s Email Address

Ever need to guess someone’s email address so that you pitch them a sale or contact them about an idea?

Health Care Taps ‘Mystery Shoppers’

When James Loden, an ophthalmologist, recently peered into a patient’s eyes, he was evaluating her for laser surgery to correct her vision.


Garden And Tool Caddy: Every Gardener’s Friend

As a contractor and gardener of more than three decades, Jim Fabregas has lost a few tools in his day.


‘Man Cave’ For The DIY-er

“The idea is to be the ultimate man cave,” said McGhee, who opened the store in the second week of February backed by a group of investors.


amoCRM Revolutionizes Deal Management

Customer relations management systems (CRM) are used by businesses to manage their deals, contacts, and negotiations with clients.


Tools For The Entrepreneurs Virtual Toolbox

Bill.com – Bill.com helps you to [streamline] and automate your business bill payment and invoicing processes by going paperless.


Biz Tool: Markify

Checking trademark availability is an essential when creating a company.

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