History of the Ant Farm

Scientists claim ants can carry more than 50 times their body weight.


History Of The Toy Ant Farm

The Ant Farm was initially sold by mail and later through retailers nationwide.


Inventor Plays With Innovative Toy Inspiration

Morley grew up in California and graduated from Brigham Young University with an industrial art degree before starting a series of jobs in product design that took him to six different states.


DNA You Can Play With

The hand-sized plush dolls look more like Saturday morning cartoon characters than anything Axup might encounter under a microscope while working on new cancer drugs.


New And Used Lego Retail Store

The 800-square-foot store on Cedar Hills Boulevard opened in April and has enjoyed growing success selling used, rare and collectible Lego sets.

Robot: Best Toy In The Universe?

Mantzel’s little robot walks on six legs and is guided by a remote control, but what makes it stand out are the different attachments that can be fitted to the top to fire foam darts, discs, or ping pong balls.


Steve Jobs Becomes Action Figure

Just a few months after the death of Steve Jobs, a company called In Icons is apparently planning an action figure of the former Apple (AAPL) CEO.


The Life Of A Toy Inventor

Tony Morley is one of only about 300 full-time toy inventors in the United States, so there’s a good chance that one of his projects — beginning as a crude sketch — is now sitting on a store shelf.

The Accidential Success

“We used the robot in the playroom and a therapist in another room is controlling the robot.


Kid Biz: Doggie Toys

This line of dog toys by Cole is non-toxic, come in two different sizes, and many different colors.