Lobster Stories

This summer, you’ll want to consider adding your smartphone to the plastic bib, nutcracker, and melted butter for your lobster dinner.


School Uniforms That Alert Parents of Truancy

In Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil, 20,000 grade school students have recently started wearing uniforms embedded with GPS chips similar to those used in pet trackers.


Tracking Your Daily Marketing Activity

When nothing seems to help, I look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps 100 times without as much as a crack showing in it.


Small Bizs Are No Big Brother

When asked about their company’s policies for monitoring employees, more than one third of business owners say that they do not screen employee computer use in any way.


Tracking Social Media Activity

No matter what approach you employ for monitoring your customer’s social media activity the plumbing that drives it all is RSS technology.


Your Shipping System

Overall, it’s wise to remember that shipping is the last transaction you make with customers.

Biz Resource: Track YouTube Video Stats

Google, reigning king of exhaustive analytics, has just released a specialized analytics tool for YouTube, aptly named YouTube Insight.