Mom Owned, Mom Approved Taxi Service For Kids

Mom’s Taxi Service is a child transportation shuttle service that provides safe, reliable transportation for children and other family members in Broward County, Florida.


Box Bikes Become Car Alternative

Wacky-looking box bikes, with room for the kids, groceries and laundry, are proving a wheel hit with families eager for a healthy alternative to the car.


Store Finds Its Niche By Marketing ‘DUI Scooters’

New to the scooter business, Doug Vitello and Gary Parr worked hard to meet their customers’ needs.


Crazy Money Making Idea: Mystery Parker

I get by, by undercover parking at garages in the greater Boston area and rating everything from the paint on the walls to the smell of the staircase to the cleanliness of the attendant’s name tag,” says the second-year law student.


Personal Size Submarine

The Q Sub is named after an inventor – not Q from the James Bond movies, but Uncle Q – that’s what Mr Fulton’s nephews called him because they couldn’t say ‘Hugh’.


Rollerblade Inventor Peddling New Ideas

The futuristic proposal is basically a monorail with pods propelled by passengers pedalling or “rowing” the capsules.

The City Car Of The Future

The cars, which are smaller than Smart Cars, are battery-electric, so they don’t cause tailpipe emissions.


World’s Smallest, Self-Balancing Unicycle

The Solowheel is sort of like the Segway.


Inventor Is Repairing The Road To Success

Essentially what Giles invented was a machine to break down the material, heat it up, add more oil, and lay it back down.


Ride The Skies With A Hoverbike

His efforts were prompted when his helicopter instructor likened a Robinson R22 light utility helicopter to an airborne motorbike.

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