LaMar’s Launches Presidential Election-Themed Donuts

LaMar’s Donuts has launched the 2012 Presidential Donut Poll, a reprise of the 2008 (unscientific) survey in which customers were able to select from two limited-edition donuts on sale during the election season: the “Dough-Bama,” a donkey-shaped donut with blue sugar frosting and representing Democratic candidate Barack Obama, or the elephant-shaped “McCandyCain” donut with red sugar, representing Republican nominee John McCain.

“Mas Es Mas” At The New Miami Subs Grill With Introduction Of A Latin Fusion Menu

The iconic franchise chain announces a new Latin Fusion menu rollout in restaurants beginning September 4 following franchising expansion efforts in South America and the announcement of international music sensation Pitbull as an equity partner in the company.


More Inventors Surfacing In UK

Britons have risen to the economic challenges of recent recession by becoming more prolific inventors, a random survey of 2,000 Britons shows.

Hydrodog Rebrands As Blue Wheelers

The mobile dog grooming service Hydrodog Australia has re- launched its business with a new name and two new business opportunities and brands.

McDonald’s Will Be Serving Lamb Burgers In Australia

McDonald’s has been revealing some interesting treats overseas.


Employees Seek The Entrepreneurial Experience

Around 70 percent employees wish for more entrepreneurial experience at their jobs, according to a new US survey.

Great Play: Making It Fun For Kids To Be Physically Successful

Great Play is an award-winning franchised children’s gym.

AllergyEats To Debut Food Allergy Conference For Restaurateurs

AllergyEats will host the inaugural “Food Allergy Conference for Restaurateurs: What Every Restaurant Should Know About Food Allergies To Ensure Safety & Maximize Customer Engagement, Loyalty, and Revenue,” on Oct.

PayPal Mobile Payment To McDonald’s Will Soon Be Possible

As online marketing strategies are blooming in the past five years, Paypal is taking another huge step in mobile payments.