What It’s Like to Run a Vending Company

I am an owner/operator of a small vending machine business.


Dance Heads Music Video Vending Machine

Dance Heads is a video entertainment vending machine business in a box.


Electronic Recycling Vending Machines

Cash for high-tech trash.


Cashing In On The Dog Tag Trend

X=Tag is a division, or brand of CIM USA, Inc.


Niche: Healthy Vending Geared Toward Kids

It is no secret that childhood obesity and its associated risk factors have become a great cause for concern across the United States in recent years, but self-described social entrepreneur and advocate for healthy living Andy Mackensen wants to change all that.


The AutoWed Vending Machine

The AutoWed is a novelty wedding machine offering a quick hitch, a couple of rings and a personalized certificate for just $1.


Vending Machines to Sell Live Bait and Prescription Medicine

Long a cultural icon, the vending machine is fading from the American landscape.


Baby Product Vending Machine

Innovative Vending Solutions is looking for owners of our newest machine, the Baby Station.


A Vending Machine That Wants to Be Pushed Over

It seems that everyone gets angry at a vending machine at some point in their life and shakes or kicks the thing for not delivering their soda after they deposited their money.


Bike Fixtation: Bike Repair Vending Machine

In our recommended configuration it holds 38 unique products on 6 different rows.

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