Video: The Quest for Free (Groceries)

I know that the stores get reimbursed and all, but is this ethical?

Inventor Journal: Zip-It Clean

One year ago, Rich Whittle spoke with Gene Luoma, inventor of the Zip-It Clean drain cleaner.


Cute and Funny to Sell Gross

A consultant warned, “Don’t ever show the actual nose washing, because it’s gross.”

Video: This Is How They Serve Ice Cream In Dubai

Does anyone know what company this is?


Video Game Simulator Bizop

The British television show The Gadget Show has built the ultimate simulator for “first person shooter”

Biz Idea: Eco-Friendly Pizza Box

What other “everyday” packaging could be re-purposed?


Dance Heads Music Video Vending Machine

Dance Heads is a video entertainment vending machine business in a box.

Video: Rube Goldberg-ian Page Turner

To some it may be a waste of time, to Joseph Herscher it is fun.


Chopsticks: Made in USA

Nearly everything today is “Made in China”; nearly everything that is, except for two million chopsticks that are made each day in Americus, Georgia at Georgia Chopsticks.

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