The North Dakota Miracle: Fracking in the Bakken

The recent boom of the Bakken oil fields — made possible by a perfect storm of sensible state regulations, the fracking process, and the fact that most drilling is taking place on private lands—has produced a whirlwind of economic growth in a formerly sleepy corner of northwest North Dakota.

Niche Biz: Software For An Underserved Market (Women)

The video below is from Patrick McKenzie’s talk at the Business of Software 2010.


Industrial Dry Food Cutting With Water

Water jets are a surprisingly efficient method of slicing, and they’re more hygienic than using a blade, which can harbor bacteria.

Is This What Your Shipping Dept. Looks Like?

Do you wish that your fulfillment and shipping department looked more like Amazon’s?

Video: The Quest for Free (Groceries)

I know that the stores get reimbursed and all, but is this ethical?

Inventor Journal: Zip-It Clean

One year ago, Rich Whittle spoke with Gene Luoma, inventor of the Zip-It Clean drain cleaner.


Cute and Funny to Sell Gross

A consultant warned, “Don’t ever show the actual nose washing, because it’s gross.”

Video: This Is How They Serve Ice Cream In Dubai

Does anyone know what company this is?


Video Game Simulator Bizop

The British television show The Gadget Show has built the ultimate simulator for “first person shooter”