Robot Chicken Butcher

The fastest human butchers can fully debone about 150 chickens per hour.

Fishing With a Video Camera: FishEyes

Although part of the appeal of fishing is sitting quietly and waiting for the fish to bite, sometimes you just want to know what’s going on under the surface of the lake.

Man Flies Like a Bird?

I’m hesitant to post this under inventions, but b a Dutch engineer named Jarno Smeets claims to have achieved birdlike flight using custom-built wings.

Video: Everything is a Remix, #3 Ideas

I invented nothing new.


Niche Biz: Green Weddings

More than two-thirds of brides-to-be want some part of the wedding to be “green.” And Kate Harrison, founder and CEO of Green Life Guides, is there to serve them.

What Fracking Actually Looks Like

Wonder what fracking actually looks like on the surface?

Niche Biz: Rolling Alarm Clock

Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning?


Drilling Square Holes

This video of a machine drilling square holes has making the rounds on the interwebs today.

Books Turning To Movie Trailers to Sell More

In a sewer beneath Las Vegas, a lethal vixen named Abigail is locked in a mortal struggle an outlaw cowboy with ties to Greek gods.

Video: How Not to Move Furniture

Of course it’s a fake, but it’s funny.

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