Weird: Chinese Street Sweeper Invention

If you attach a handful of brooms to a rotating drum and then drag that behind the car, will the streets get cleaned?

New Invention: Coffee Condiment Stick

The CoffTeaCon-Stix is a coffee and tea stirrers containing pre-measured sugar and non-dairy creamer.


Pay to Sit?

Is there someplace you could put this pay-to-sit bench with coin operated retractable spikes?


Making Money Making Movies: How One Woman Created a Movie Making Business with Kids as the Stars

The following is a guest post by Shelley Frost of Make-A-Movie Studios.

Invisible Robots Are Everywhere

Joe Posner: “A month ago Marketplace told me they’re doing a weeklong special called “Robots Ate My Job”

Video: 10 Bizarre Business Ideas That Made Millions

You’ve probably read most of these, but this video from All Time 10s is still a quick fun view.

Are Bookbinders a Thing of the Past?

The San Francisco Bay Area’s small bookbinderies are struggling amid the weak economy and spread of digital publishing.


Video Success: Pen Fishing Rods

Di Pippo decided to use video, specifically YouTube, to give product demos and preview his product because there was a built-in market, it was free, and he was able to add tags like “Fishing,” “Camping,” and “Outdoors” to give his videos more reach.


Making Food Fun: Edible Helium Balloons

Restaurants don’t have to be boring or predictable.