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Virtual Event Cameras

If you’ve ever missed an event that you really wanted to attend but it was too far away or didn’t fit in your schedule, you’ll love this business idea by Deer Park resident Chris Watt.

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Virtual Pay For Real Work

There’s nothing odd about it, says Dorsey, a 28-year-old unemployed writer and editor in Florida.


Poll Update: Virtual Currency

n {democracy:57} The correct answer is $1.6 billion dollars.


Poll: Virtual Currency

n {democracy:57} Answer tomorrow.


I’ll Have a Slurpee and… a FarmVille Card!

The deal sees $10 and $25 cards for FarmVille, Mafia Wars and YoVille go on sale at the retailers, which can then be used online to buy in-game items.


$30 Million Spent On Virtual Gifts

We’ve seen that e-commerce spending over the holidays was strong, with consumers shelling out nearly $30 billion over a period of a few months.


Virtual Goods Give Web Firms New Revenue

Often available for a $1 or less, virtual goods range from video game accessories like extra weapons for shooting games, to electronic birthday cards and flowers for friends on Facebook or dating sites like Zoosk and flirtomatic.com.


Virtual Goods Start Bringing Real Paydays

These so-called virtual goods, like a $1 illustration of a Champagne bottle on Facebook or the $2.50 Halloween costume in the online game Sorority Life, are no more than a collection of pixels on a Web page.


Virtual Money, Weapons And Gifts

People are paying real money for digital goods in all sorts of online applications ranging from Facebook apps to massively multiplayer online games reports GamesBeat.


Trendy Virtual Offices

The virtual office presents two opportunities: first, it promises huge cost efficiencies for small businesses in terms of computer systems, virtual server space and even employee resources.

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