World’s Most Populated Countries in 2100

According to people at the United Nations who estimate this kind of stuff, the top 10 countries in the world, by population, in 2100 will be: India – 1,557,468,000 China – 944,380,000 Nigeria – 756,007,000 United States – 478,047,000 Tanzania – 314,197,000 Pakistan – 262,149,000 Indonesia – 254,590,000 Democratic Republic of the Congo – 212,000,000 Philippines – 178,256,000 Brazil – 178,134,000 Talk about a radical change from today: China – 1,341,335,000 India – 1,224,614,000 United States – 310,384,000 Indonesia – 239,781,000 Brazil – 194,946,000 Pakistan – 173,593,000 Nigeria – 158,423,000 Bangladesh – 148,692,000 Russia – 142,958,000 Japan – 126,536,000 Better get ready, if you expect to be around that long.


Doomsday Entrepreneurs

Larry Hall is recruiting rich clients for what he calls an underground survival condo — in Kansas.


South African Women In Business

“The research showed that women don’t believe that government policy supports their entrepreneurial efforts in any way,” FNB said of its study on the state of female entrepreneurship in South Africa.

One Spark Of An Idea

Every so often an idea comes along that stops you in your tracks.


I Started A Biz In Paradise!

But after visiting his older brother, Tim, who was living in Costa Rica in 1997, he found his paradise: “It was just someplace that was a little foreign and really open,” Tyler said.


Swedish Entrepreneurs Get Access To Untapped Patents

Anyone can apply for membership with MHBC, which requires an interview and test to prove the applicant’s entrepreneurial drive.


Tech Innovators and Entrepreneurs: “We Want You”

Over the past couple of years, the State Department has been reaching out to the tech world for help with their diplomatic and development goals, particularly through delegations of tech innovators and entrepreneurs to places like Iraq, Russia, and Mexico, where they’ve explored how the the Internet, mobile phones, and other tech tools can be used to build democracy and combat violence.


Scholar Promotes ‘Microfranchises’ In Emerging Economies

Out of this, the part-time Brigham Young University faculty member hatched his concept of “microfranchising” to address pitfalls associated with the microlending movement.


U.S. Slipping In Entrepreneurship

The report – titled “Global Entrepreneurship and the United States” – compares U.S.


U.S. Is Home To Most Millionaires

Global wealth has returned to 2007 pre-crisis levels, largely because of the recovery in stock and bond markets, according to a new study by the Boston Consulting Group.

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