Kindle Publishing: Author Wrote His Own Dream Job

Scott Nicholson had a successful full-time job as a reporter, but his true calling was to write fiction.


How Writing a Book Can Help Your Business

The following is a guest post by Penny Carnathan.

Write an eBook in 30 Days

Every November, over 200,000 people worldwide take part in NaNoWriMo — “(inter)National Novel Writing Month”.


The Kindle Has Transformed Publishing

Without any middlemen or gatekeepers, with virtually no costs involved, and with self-marketing possible through social media and other Internet channels, electronic publishing is creating a robust market for new writers and books.


Publishers Cash in On Self Publishing

Penguin USA will provide the service through its genre-fiction online community, Book Country, which launched in May offering wannabe authors the opportunity to post their work online and receive feedback.


How To Win Over Your Bloggers

Open Forum:

There are 130 million blogs on the Internet (according to Technorati), and 350 million people reading blogs daily (according to Comscore).


What Makes #2 Pencils So Special?

Most of us pick up pencils and lose them without giving it a second thought.


Mistakes In Your Copy To Stay Away From

Copy Blogger: Content is king, but if the king looks like a toad, no one will know he’s royalty.