A Tongue Cleaner into Wal-Mart, Via YouTube

On Tuesday, Provo, Utah-based Orabrush Inc.

Student Makes Money With Stories

Overbey combines a passion for storytelling with an interest in video games and online community to create an entertainment niche that pays for his MBA.

Agent to the Youtube Stars

Such are the realities of fame in today’s interconnected world.


Kid Gets T-Shirt Line

Gavin’s mom Kim Justice, copyrighted the saying, “he my team” after getting numerous calls from interested companies, she says she never thought she would be in the t-shirt business.

Christmas Freak Out Pays Off

Since the boy’s father posted the reaction video on YouTube three years ago, he’s made almost $5000 in royalties.


Sell On Youtube Without Showing A Video

Two years ago, Davis decided to set up a YouTube account to show videos about her hair-care company, Kinky-Curly Hair Products LLC.

Haul Videos

According to ABC-TV News a new phenomenon called “haul videos” means teens can show off their purchases to the whole world.


Here’s some eye candy that has nothing to do with politics.

Cashing In On ‘David After Dentist’

It’s also been an unexpected bonanza for the boy’s Orlando, Florida-area family, who, despite some criticism that they exploited their child by posting his image online, has turned the one-minute, 59-second home video into a lucrative sideline.


Odd Job: Content Reviewer

An Internet content reviewer, Bess sifts through photographs that people upload to a big social networking site and keeps the illicit material — and there is plenty of it — from being posted.