World’s First Mobile Phone?

The device, invented by Philadelpia experimenter W W McFarlane required three pieces of stove pipe stuck to a board as an aerial.


Inventing A World Of Fun

Velte, 50, now creates fun full time.

Perfecting The Raised Garden

The MBrace was born.


When Selling Food, Trust Your Gut

Nothing will tell you how good the food is quite like your stomach.


Ice Cutting Invention Heads To Space

Robots are being developed all the time to do what we wish and to go where we can’t.


Low Cost Startup Biz Ideas: Social Media Assistant

The social media world is growing, and most business owners don’t have time to keep up.


Inventor Creates No-Frills Water Heating System

In pursuit of such goals, Capetonian Roger Matthews, a master plumber, retreated to his study for two years to devise a system that could help the poor, travellers or even the elite.


The Baby Bottle Bib

Le bibble® is a patent-pending baby bottle bib which enhances the baby bottle feeding experience for moms and babies – in eco-style.


Environmentally Friendly Footware

Seeing potential in the product and brand, the two women began working on the concept in 2007, at a time when Rachelle and husband Kenji had an infant (Stella, now 6) and a toddler (Sam, now 9) at home.


The Drivers Three Second Rule

Called the “GoodDrivR,” the tool is a small, hand-held device that can help drivers —especially inexperienced teens — time themselves for the 200-yard (or three-second) “minimum safe following distance” rule.

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