Facelift Bungee: The Temporary Mini Facelift

She looked into what a mini-facelift would cost.


Niche: Organic Food Garden Kits

“I’m one of these guys with a lot of energy,” the 48-year-old Mount Airy resident said by way of explaining what is, by his count, his seventh business effort:

Providing homeowners turnkey organic vegetable gardens that don’t require them to thrust shovels into the ground, or even do the watering.


Laboratory Style Initiative: Innovative Lab Coats

Laboratory Style Initiative produces high-end lab coats for women.


Finding Comfort In The Dog Business

“It’s a different type of stress,” she said during an interview this month as one of her seven dogs, Basta, a four-year-old Italian mastiff, sat at her feet.


Infographic: Customer Loyalty

A business would not exist without a decent customer base.


Inventors Thinking Outside The “Qube”

Their Qube Shaker, an innovative percussion shaker, has been marketed successfully by Latin Percussion, the world leader in production and marketing of percussion instruments.


Hand Turn Signals For Cyclists

O’Neal calls the device the “YouTurn.” It’s a glove worn by the cyclist on which an arrow lights up showing which way the biker intends to turn.


Million Dollar Mistakes

Don’t make wildly optimistic sales forecasts.


The Entrepreneurial Spirit Has No Borders

In the 1920s, architects designed the 23-story art deco Exchange Building in downtown Seattle to house a stock exchange.


Getting Started With Grant Proposals

The difficulty in applying for a grant is knowing where to start.

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